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Here's my ! My name is Keita (景太) and I'm a software developer and systems administrator, currently living in Germany.

I love free and open source software, especially Linux and everything homelab related (servers and selfhosting stuff).

I'm also open for political topics and am generally interested in learning about different views.

I'm a haver of controversal opinions, sometimes. But going with the flow all the time is boring anyway, right?

Any questions, ? Just ask!

Okay. So, I'm currently doing a retraining in IT to keep myself on top of things like current technologies, etc.

And today, my lecturer said the following, which made me angry and chuckle at the same time:

"BSD is, I believe, a flavor of Linux. And macOS is just a flavor of Linux, as well."

I chimed in and corrected him. He didn't believe me at first, but was defeated after he himself opened up a Wikipedia article.



Living with depression sucks. Couple hours ago, I felt fine. Now, I feel like I'm in a deep hole. As if I don't belong anywhere and as if I don't fit in. Thousands of thoughts are in my head, yet I'm too tired to think them through, because I suffered from this shit for most of my life.

I'm really tired. Maybe I should go to bed.

@Nelativity Und wie findetst du Mastodon so? Wenn du Schwierigkeiten hast, dich zurechtzufinden, schau mal bei @feditips rein.

@claudiom @h3artbl33d @rowens And just for the sake of it, I'm gonna say "answers" a couple more times:

Answers. Answers. Answers.


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@claudiom @h3artbl33d @rowens and all of I just noticed that I'm a big asshole. I asked a question, you guys answered and I forgot to answer.

I began to work as a census interviewer last month around the time I asked you guys the question and I just remembered that I read the answers, but I didn't have any time to reply, so I thought "Later!"... and forgot to friggin answer.

Thank you guys for your thorough and nice answers. I really appreciate it. Love BSD, love Linux!

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Today, I got more census stuff to do. It's been a lot of fun so far and 99% of people I met were really friendly. 10/10. Would interview again.

I just remembered that I discovered this in the restroom of a restaurant in Salem, Massachusetts when I visited my broski @Zengen in the US of A last November.

Given that this is in Salem, it made me shiver.

Jesus. I just saw someone on the tram who repeatedly pressed, not the open door button, but a sticker on the outside of the door window

The sticker was a warning not to touch the door window

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I kinda just noticed that micro-blogging might not be for me, because I just can't manage to keep my toots short enough.

Ich merke irgendwie gerade, dass Microblogging nichts für mich ist, weil ich es auf Teufel komm raus nicht schaffe, mich kurz zu halten. 😅​

re: Zugtoilette 

Addendum: Frage mich auch, wie eure Klos Zuhause aussehen müssen, wenn gefühlt jedes fucking öffentliche Klo in Deutschland ein Erregungsherd aus jeder erdenklichen Krankheit ist.

Immer, wenn ich in Japan bin, ist das das genaue Gegenteil: U-Bahn-Station. 25000 Personen im Sichtfeld. Alle reihen sich sauber und ordentlich vor den Toiletten auf. Hunderte Leute gehen da drauf.


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re: Zugtoilette 

Ich frage mich, wie viele von euch öffentliche Toiletten so behandeln.

An wie vielen scheinbar normalen Menschen geh ich täglich vorbei, die in der Realität so einen Scheiß verzapfen.

Ich habe mich beim Rausgehen aus dem WC-Raum lautstark darüber beschwert, dass Erwachsene zu dumm zum Kacken sind und dass mich das sowieso nervt, dass alle dieses 9€-Ticket missbrauchen, was zur Entlastung von Pendlern gedacht ist, um die Öffis zu verstopfen und ihren Urlaub zu machen. (3 / 3)

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