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Here's my ! My name is Keita (景太) and I'm a software developer and systems administrator, currently living in Germany.

I love free and open source software, especially Linux and everything homelab related (servers and selfhosting stuff).

I'm also open for political topics and am generally interested in learning about different views.

I'm a haver of controversal opinions, sometimes. But going with the flow all the time is boring anyway, right?

Any questions, ? Just ask!

Put my reclining chair right in front of the balcony door of our living room. I'm sitting here in the dark with the door open, enjoying the downpour outside, while the kids and my wife are asleep.

I'd say, I nearly shat myself. But I was already on the toilet.

I know, this is a small spider, but to someone with arachnophobia, this is nightmare fuel.

Ich bin der Papa von 2 Kleinkindern, was bedeutet, dass ich oft mit denen auf Spielplätzen bin.

Und sehr häufig sehe ich dort Leute, die sich allein auf ne Bank setzen und von dort aus die Kinder aufm Spielplatz beobachten. Meistens Männer mittleren Alters. Ganz oft auch, wenn ich allein mit meinen Kids dort bin.

Ich will jetzt nicht jeden als Perversen bezeichnen, aber irgendwie weird, sich gerade die Bänke auf dem Spielplatz zum Abgammeln auszusuchen...

Ich mag das nicht haben.

The age old question:

How do you pronounce "GIF"? I don't care how the inventor of the format pronounces it, btw.


If you're the type of person who goes to a buffet just to load tons of stuff on your plates and then don't eat it: Fuck you.

Just experienced this at a local restaurant. A minute later, people from another table just left without paying. Fuck them, too.

Morgens, mit den Kindern aufm Weg zum Kindergarten. Ganzer Bus leer, außer...

3/3 Vierersitze mit jeweils einer Person belegt. Ich kotz im Strahl.

lol. Someone from reported me. On my instance. For writing in Japanese.

Sorry that I speak multiple languages. Why u no speak multiple languages? So weak. So weak.

We moved to the new apartment, my server is back up and that means, my instance and I are back, bitches!

and last but not least


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and of course

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Something that kinda annoys me about the internet and especially social media platforms, is that everyone everywhere seems to consider themselves stand-up comedians.

Everyone tries so hard to be funny. I'm guilty of that, as well. At least sometimes. But it causes an overabundance of unfunny jokes.

We'll move in to a new apartment on 19th. This will cause my Mastodon instance to go offline for a couple hours at best and up to 2 days at worst. This also applies to other services run by me.

Am 19. ziehen wir in eine neue Wohnung. Das bedeutet, dass meine Mastodon-Instanz dann für mindestens ein paar Stunden, aber maximal 2 Tage offline gehen wird. Das zählt auch für andere von mir betriebene Dienste.

Family and I have COVID. We managed to dodge it for all this time now and now we have it anyway, because everyone around us stopped caring about basic things like mask wearing, social distancing, etc.

Sucks. Feeling really exhausted.

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