Just cleaned my PC. I built this computer in 2015. Some parts of it are even a couple years older.

To this day, it does what I want it to do. At, reasonable performance.

That is, if I use native applications, of course. This is a 6 core system with 24 GB RAM and SSDs, yet applications that are Electron-based take a couple seconds to start up.

Fuck Electron. This leads me to my controversal IT opinion #1: Most modern software is crap. Why even have operating systems when we only run web apps?

I'd say, I nearly shat myself. But I was already on the toilet.

I know, this is a small spider, but to someone with arachnophobia, this is nightmare fuel.

lol. Someone from social.tchncs.de reported me. On my instance. For writing in Japanese.

Sorry that I speak multiple languages. Why u no speak multiple languages? So weak. So weak.

Today, I got more census stuff to do. It's been a lot of fun so far and 99% of people I met were really friendly. 10/10. Would interview again.

I just remembered that I discovered this in the restroom of a restaurant in Salem, Massachusetts when I visited my broski @Zengen in the US of A last November.

Given that this is in Salem, it made me shiver.

Sucht Tea. Der einzige Tee voller Suchtstoffe. Der einzige Tee, de einen Entzug erfordert.

Went to a medium-sized theme park called "Tolk Schau" with my wife, the kids and a very good friend yesterday.

The park is tailored towards little children, but also offers some stuff for grownups.

We had a lot of fun and it was a trip down memory lane for me, as I first visited the park when I was 5 years old and then multiple times again later on in my life.

They kept most of the old attractions and maintained them really well.

We also fed some peacocks and chickens.

3 am. Had a small, but necessary procedure done a week ago and I still feel the aftermath of it and I feel uncomfortable. I can't sleep well because of that. I'm kinda hungry. Time for late night pizza and a couple YT videos.

This is actually kinda nice! Package too large for your freezer? Remove the instructions and trash the package.

Also, sorry @Alirrasona. I'm gonna eat your pizza.

German news outlet being cringe in the thumbnail.

"Ukraine arrests Putin Bro"

What the hell... This is a war where people are being killed by a murderous regime.

Get the fucking interns away from the computers.

I'm kinda proud. The goban control for my go server / client works flawlessly. It's not feature complete and (@Alirrasona) might still work a bit on the textures, but generally speaking, it's working smooth so far.

Completely made from scratch.

I love spicy stuff. This tastes soooooo good, but it hurts at the same time.

I'm not gonna eat that again.


I love spicy stuff. Gonna buy it again.

@Gargron Spent the entire morning, attempting to upgrade my (installed from source) Mastodon instance to v3.5.0rc1, but then had to roll back to 3.4.6 due to some issues with the search (no time to investigate right now). Will migrate to a docker installation later.

Still: The changelog looks interesting, thanks for the effort!

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