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Welcome to 3rensei Mastodon

The social network mainly aimed at go / igo / baduk / weiqi players around the world! And when we say mainly, all we want to say is that everyone is welcome, even if one has no intentions to discuss go at all. Post memes, pictures, funny statuses. Community is what counts.

What is Go?

Go is an ancient board game, enjoyed by many players in the world. In fact, it even has a larger playerbase than chess, due to the immense popularity on it's continent of origin: Asia! But in the past decades, more and more people in the western hemisphere began to show interest in this unique game, as well.

Crash course: Two players alternately place black and white stones on a board with a grid of 19x19 intersections in order to claim territory and also surround the opponent's stones to capture them. Once both players agree that no more moves can be made, the player with more surrounded territory and captured stones win.

Of course, this is only one of multiple possible rule sets. To check out how to learn go, head to this website! But be aware: While the rules may seem simple at first (because they are), it can take a long time for new players to be able to wrap their heads around the game.

This is what makes it so addicting, though!

Where can I play go?

We're glad you're asking! If you're looking to play with other people in "real life", check out if your country or state has some sort of go association, like the DGoB in Germany or the Massachusetts Go Association in MA, USA, for instance. From there, you'll be able to find local go clubs that meet up on a regular basis. New players are always welcome!

There are also several servers and websites you can use to play online. You'll find all kinds of players on them with different levels of experience, many of them willing to teach newcomers.

The person running and administrating this Mastodon instance, @NettoHikari, who is also a software developer, is in the process of creating a new - more traditional - server to play go on (traditional: "native" application instead of a website). This project will reach it's first public testing phase in a couple months and will be available at 3rensei.

But even though this social network is part of 3rensei, we're actively endorsing discussion and usage of other servers, as well. We're one big community, after all.

Some servers are ...

Name Type
Online Go Server (OGS) Real Time and Correspondence
Kiseido Go Server (KGS) Real Time
Internet Go Server (IGS) / PandaNet Real Time
Of course, there are many more servers out there. We're going to add more to this list soon.

Where can I find more information?

Sensei's Library is a great resource for everything go!


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